Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Business transformation requires a complete rethinking of what you do.

We help you to make transformation decisions that drives the vision, benchmarks your different business processes and prioritizes potential innovations in terms of feasibility and value generation, while develop and measure the roadmap for your transformation.


Digital Business & Strategy Advisory

Digital Business & Strategy Advisory

  • Commerce transformation

    The world of e-commerce and commerce are now seamlessly merged, and everything is omnichannel. It’s not about the phone or the desktop or the store, it’s about how they all have an impact on the Customer Experience.

  • Omnichannel Strategic Management

    “Conventional” omnichannel strategy is to encourage shopping across channels so that customers who shop only in stores will begin also buying online, and vice versa. Driving customers online helps physical retailers rationalize the huge investments they’ve made to support their websites, mobile apps, wifi, loyalty programs, geolocation, social media and sometimes some kind of ecommerce. However, we must not forget, the most profitable option is to encourage online shoppers to come into your stores, where the environment is conducive to spend more.

  • There are as many purchasing experiences as there are consumers

    As such it is necessary to identify and be present in all channels and points of contact that may influence their decision. The application and customisation of new technologies to the retail industry enables the complete integration of the customer experience with the brand, independently of whether the contact is via a physical or a digital channel.


We help brands achieve their corporate objectives by powering customer knowledge.

What are our objectives, what is our operating reality and what limitations (if any) do we have in our ecosystems?

In the end its always about activating behaviours (transaction, prescription, traffic, relevance…) for our different users (consumers, clients, shareholders, employees...).

And to manage this we need to identify what type of experience we must offer, how it should be deployed and in which manner it should be managed.


Ecosystem Organization
User Identification

To understand the customer journey, we must be able to identify the different contact points with our brand, store or Shopping Center.

Relational Strategy
Smart Data Platform

Total knowledge of customer behavior. Unique and 360º vision of the omnichannel purchase process: before, during and after.

Segmented Execution

Relevant relational offer, adapted to their tastes and preferences, and in the context, place and moment that demands it.

Physical & Digital interaction

Platforms to facilitate digital interaction of users with the physical stores and brands: Geolocated product Search, Indoor Localization (IPS) and wayfinding, Proximity Technologies, Indoor Map Rendering in Mobile Apps and Web, Behaviour and Retail Analytics.




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